The Artist

Washington DC based artist Robin Sutliff has been producing art for a majority of her life. Using
acrylic and resin on multiple mediums that include metal, canvas, glass and paper, she puts
forth her emotional perspective as it manifests at the time of creation.
The outcome of her perspectives has been a series of moving and visually compelling artworks. presents paintings and photography from three of her gallery shows as well as
work created for her personal collection.

The photography of Robin Sutliff is an imaginary composition of cityscapes shot through her
camera that includes a passion for religious icons that impact the streets of major metropolitan
areas, the unyielding canvas of clouds that move through the skies and ground level
perspectives that position her emotion dead center in the camera lense.
As an artist, she favors rich colors, abstract minimalism, compositions that evoke the essence of
nature and creations that evoke a unique spirit and response from each individual. Her
paintings are emotional manifestations and visceral metaphors gained through her personal
experiences. Her body of work manifests the timely changes in nature and in turn, her feelings
conveyed through her artwork.

Shows include:
Spring Dream, Darlington House, April 5, 2019
WATERfall, Darlington House, December 1, 2019
Angel in the Architecture, Darlington House, November 2, 2018