If you ask who the real artist is in the studio of Robin Sutliff, a fluff of fur and a purrrrr from the corner from Carl the cat may infer that he is actually the influence and inspiration for some of her most impactful work. While we can’t be absolutely sure how artistic Carl is, we can say that he has kept Robin company for years and made a fine conversationalist, a uniform eater as well as one who loves dropping a paw in resin or acrylic from time to time.

Strutting from one room to the next, he casually strolls past dozens of works of art as both a curator and a docent. Ready to guide you through the visual space that occupies most all of the walls within the studio, Carl conveys his likes or dislikes as he brushes up against one canvas and walks by another. A quick swoosh of his tail is approval and if he sits down in an actively wet painting, he is fully immersing himself in the creation that Robin has manifested.

While Carl will always be an admirer of Robin’s work, he still needs to figure out that resin and fur don’t go well together.